Product spotlight- Myristol

Superior joint supplements for your pets!

Winter is just around the corner and cold weather will soon be here to stay! Unfortunately, with that cold weather comes joint discomfort, swelling and stiffness for our pets.

Joint supplements are becoming more popular with pet owners and the demand has created many different options for both maintenance and preventative pet care. One amazing option that we carry here at Aspenwing is Myristol. Myristol is a veterinarian-founded company, specializing in superior over-the-counter joint and health supplements for a variety of animals. Myristol has been scientifically formulated to be one of the most effective and powerful supplements on the market today.

Dr. Gayle W. Trotter, the founder, has an extensive background in equine research and surgery, as well as joint health. As a competitive rider, Dr. Trotter was highly interested in a product that could be used as a preventative for future joint and muscle issues that may affect an animal’s performance, whether it be during competition, or from day to day. Thus, the formula for Myristol was created! With this powerful formula, initial trials were first conducted on horses, and their progress was monitored over 42 days. Patients receiving Myristol showed significantly more improvement than those using a placebo. To learn more about this trial see the study notes.

The ingredients in Myristol offer the best combination to effectively target joints, anti-inflammatory response, and pain relief, all in one. The ingredients include:

  • Cetyl Myristoleate- An Omega fatty acid that addresses soft tissue inflammation.
  • Glucosamine- A chemical that works within the body to help rebuild tendons, ligaments, cartilage, and joint fluid.
  • MSM- Can reduce pain and swelling, and supports cartilage formation.
  • Hydrolyzed collagen- A unique blend of amino acids (found only in Myristol) that can build and strengthen connective tissue and regulate the growth of cells.

With the combination of these powerful components, Myristol is used to provide fast relief from pain and discomfort, as well as superb long-term joint and tissue care in many animals.

We carry Myristol for dogs, cats and rabbits. Myristol for horses is available by special order.

Stop by and browse our different size options and ask us how Myristol can benefit your pet!

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