Bunny Spays & Neuters 15% Off During October

October is Bunny Spay & Neuter Month at Aspenwing!

It is about time to get your Easter bunny spayed or neutered! Aspenwing is offering 15% off bunny spays and neuters through the end of October! At six months of age a spay or neuter is highly recommended for all rabbits. Altered rabbits live longer and healthier lives than intact ones, and often have less behavioral issues as well. Spaying female rabbits virtually eliminates their risk of reproductive cancer as well as other serious conditions such as inflammation and infection of the uterus. Neutering male rabbits can also reduce their chance of reproductive cancer as well as improve many of their most undesirable behaviors such as destructive chewing and aggression. Pairing rabbits with another rabbit friend can be very difficult, but both altered males and females are often friendlier and easier to pair. By spaying or neutering your rabbit, you are not only helping reduce the overpopulation of domestic rabbits, but you are also improving their long term health and making them better companions at home. Call Aspenwing today to discuss spaying or neutering your rabbit and schedule a pre-surgery appointment! A physical exam is required before any surgical procedures can be performed.

Appointment must be made prior to November 1st, 2016. Please mention this offer when scheduling this appointment.  Call us at: 970.635.1850

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