bird on hand

Behavioral Consultant

We are excited to help you and your pet overcome a variety of issues using positive reinforcement and force free and stress free training ideas.

Need help with getting your cat into the carrier for the veterinary visit? How are the nail trimming and grooming sessions going for you and your kitty? 

Need assistance getting your dog to accept nail trims or cleaning ears? How are the home care dental cleaning techniques going?

How does your bird accept the towel for any basic handling? Need assistance getting your bird into the carrier for the veterinary visit? 


If any of these basic maintenance steps to caring for your pet are a challenge and are therefore usually avoided, this can lead to health issues with your pet.

We can help you with these challenges and more. Just call our office and we can schedule a visit to assist you in making your pet happier and you more confident in some of the everyday requests we ask of our companion animals.