Pet Travel Tips

1. Make sure your pet has current ID tags and a microchip before travel. Your pet can get very stressed and will react differently in unfamiliar surroundings.

2. Bring a gallon of your pet’s normal drinking water and your pet’s normal diet. Bring more food than you think you may need, having to switch diets is very difficult on your pet’s digestive system. If you are not able to bring enough food, call ahead and make sure you can purchase your pet’s normal diet in the areas you will be staying.

3. Bringing along some familiar items may comfort your pet while traveling. A favorite blanket or toy, even their usual food bowl may help. But don’t get overzealous and bring too many items, keeping track of them may be stressful for you. Keeping everyone stress free will keep your pet at ease while traveling.

4. Does your pet get car sick? If so please feel free to contact us at (970) 635-1850 for details on a product that is great for car sickness