My name is Aubrey, and I’m the Client Services Representative here at Aspenwing! I’m so lucky​ to get to see all of our clients and greet patients right as they walk in the door!

I was born in Fairfield, California and moved to Colorado with my family when I was 4 years old, I have called Colorado home ever since. We always had family pets while I was growing up, mostly dogs and cats, but the occasional non-traditional pet, including parakeets, rats, frogs, lizards, rabbits, and many others.

I knew from a very young age that I wanted to work in the veterinary field. I have always had a passion for working with a multitude of different animals, and a great curiosity for the scientific aspect of it. I’ve shadowed with a few local veterinarians, and volunteered at shelters during middle school and high school. I hope to return to school soon and pursue my degree to become a certified veterinary technician, so I can delve even deeper into this awesome field and work even closer with animals.

In my spare time, I love being outdoors in this amazing state. Hiking, fishing, camping and photography are some of my favorite things to do here, and there’s so many great places to do them all! I currently have a small zoo consisting of an Australian cattle dog mix named Pokey, a Dachshund mix named Pirate, and a short haired black cat named Nebula.