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Rattlesnake Aversion Class

June 12, 2017

- $125
Aspenwing Rattlesnake Aversion Class

Rattlesnake Aversion Class June 12th 2017 Details

The first component of protecting your pets is to train them to avoid snakes which will help save them and many times even you! You may not be aware of a snakes presence, however if your dog is trained to avoid them, they will alert you of its presence and protect you both.  How can you train your dog to avoid snakes and protect you both? This is not an easy task which is why we have requested an expert in rattlesnake aversion training to run a class locally.

The Training Process

A set of training stations are set up to expose the dogs to the various aspects of the snakes. Each dog is taken through the course one at a time to give them the individual attention they need to successfully complete the training.  Electronic collars are used in the training because it is long proven to be the most effective, and possibly only effective tool for this particular training. The collar is adjusted to suit each individual dogs needs. Many people have concerns over the use of the e-collars, however in the hands of a trained professional, they are extremely safe and efficient. The trainers will ask details about your individual dog so that they can accommodate to their specific characters.

Safety and Precautions

Safety is of paramount concern; all of the rattlesnakes used out in the open have had their venom ducts surgically removed by a licensed veterinarian so they cannot inject any venom with their bite and are now known as venomoid snakes. This minimally invasive procedure does no long term harm to the snakes; in fact, some of the trainer’s retired venomoid snakes are over 15 years old!

What sets this training seminar apart?

Other training classes use muzzled rattlesnakes which in our trainer’s experience has proven stressful to the snakes and the muzzled snakes learn that they cannot bite, thus instead of coiling into a defensive posture and rattling the snakes start to act defeated and more timid.

Teaching your dog to avoid dangerous encounters is first and foremost, but we equally respect the care and well being of the snakes being used in this program. Not only will the trainers teach your dogs, but they also like to take the opportunities to teach the owners about the benefits of rattlesnakes and encourage them to leave them be if encountered in the wild.

The Snake Aversion Class is a very safe and effective way to teach your dog to avoid the sight, sound and smell of the rattlesnakes.

Class Duration

  • For the session you will need to be present for about an hour
  • Time slots available starting from 8AM and the last session staring at 7PM on Monday June 12th.
  • Expect to be present the full hour as we cannot guarantee a specific time because each dog learns at a different pace.


  • The event will be held at Aspenwing Animal Hospital, 3904 W Eisenhower Blvd Loveland, CO 80537)
  • Large secure fenced area
  • Shade and water will be provided
  • Restroom available
  • Waste bags will be provided for pet cleanup

Dog Eligibility

  • Dogs will need to be at least 6 months of age at the time of the event.
  • Vaccinations: As your dog will be around other dogs we require each to be current on vaccinations of Rabies, DAPP and Bordatella.
  • Leashed dogs only.
  • One handler per dog must be present or must have crates available while one dog is going through the course.

Ticket Prices

Because significant resources need to be scheduled ahead of time there are big savings in signing up early.

  • Between 3/15/2017 – 4/30/2017  tickets are  90$
  • Between 5/1/2017 – 5/31/2017 tickets are  100$
  • Between 6/1/2017 – 6/11/2017 tickets are  110$
  • On the day of the event Monday June 12th 2017 tickets will be full price at $125 and are subject to walk-in availability.
  • Tickets are non-refundable however tickets are transferable to other eligible owners but Aspenwing must be contacted ahead of time to arrange a transfer.

Who's Attending

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June 12, 2017
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Aspenwing Bird & Animal Hospital
3904 W Eisenhower BLVD
Loveland, CO 80537 United States
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