Now Carrying Canna-Pet!

Non-Pharmaceutical Solutions for your pets!

Aspenwing is proud to introduce our newest product, Canna-Pet!

Canna-Pet is a natural, non-pharmaceutical option that is approved for use in a wide variety of pets, and can treat a multitude of ailments.  This product has been proven to provide relief to patients, whether it be without the use of pharmaceuticals, or in combination with current medications, to reach a better level of comfort.  It can also be used as a form of alternative medication, and can provide relief to patients without having to worry about potential side effects that we sometimes see in pharmaceuticals. Common ailments that this product has been used for are; anxiety, fear, arthritis, inflammation, chronic pain, cancer, joint pain, seizures, nausea, and muscle spasms. It has been used in allergy cases as well!

Canna-Pet ingredients are non-GMO, vegan, free of preservatives, and do not contain gelatin, wheat, sugar, or dairy. Canna-Pet is also the only product of it’s kind to be backed by the American Holistic Veterinary Medical Association, and is covered by pet insurance plans through Trupanion and Pet Plan. Best of all, Canna-Pet is 100% satisfaction guaranteed!

Based on a CSU College of Veterinary Medicine Clinical Sciences study published in February of 2016, 92.6% of ALL respondents favor Canna-Pet to some, most or any medications. To see more on this study, please visit Canna-Pet’s site here.

Canna-Pet offers products that can be used for a wide variety of patients. We currently carry Canna-Biscuits for dogs in three flavors, and have a variety of capsule and liquid products for cats, rabbits, birds and other exotic pets!

We are very excited to be able to offer this product to your pets! If you think your pet could benefit from using Canna-Pet, let us answer any questions you may have! Give us a call at (970)635-1850, or drop us a line using our website contact form here!

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