Ticks on finger

Heartworm, fleas and ticks!


Heartworm Disease

Misquotes love this rainy weather!
Check out the Heartworm society website for some very interesting facts on heartworm disease plus feel free to ask our team members if you have any questions or concerns.

We recommend year round heartworm prevention due to Colorado’s climate has been quite warm. We are carrying Heartgard Plus and IverhartMax for dogs and AdvantageMulti for cats.
Heartgard Plus has a great coupon if you buy 12 doses they will get back $12.00! That is an incredible savings for each month. Additionally, each product we carry has a product guarantee please see our team regarding details.

Fleas and ticks are in Colorado!

We recently have had several clients let us know they are finding fleas and ticks on their pets.

We carry several topical products to treat for these nasty and unhealthy bugs. Did you realize we have over 80 species of fleas in Colorado! Did you know that fleas can live in your house?

Ticks can spread several diseases to our pets but to us as well. Lyme disease is currently the most common tick borne disease but several are on the rise due to the amount of ticks.

Please see us for the topical products we recommend!