Five Tips to Keeping your pets safe this winter season

Five Tips to Keep Pets Safe this Winter Season

Five Tips to Keep Pets Safe this Winter Season

Keeping your pet safe this winter season can be as simple as following some basic tips.

1. Winter Health Exam

Is your pet current with his/her wellness exam? This is important to know that there are no underlying conditions such as arthritis that may be more painful in cold conditions. Be sure to have your veterinarian do a thorough physical exam to detect any problems so they can be addressed and the pet be made more comfortable.

2. What About Those Awesome Booties and Coats!?

Some pets tolerate cold weather much better than others.  But even with long fuzzy coats they can get into trouble if outside for any length of time. So invest in pet clothing for they are not only stylish but will add comfort to your pet and prevent hypothermia on those winter walks. Also, shorten the winter walks if temperatures are at freezing or below and watch for icy patches where you and your pet can get injured. Be sure to check your pets feet often for any cracks or injuries to their paws because when the feet are cold, they don’t always feel any injuries until they warm up.

3. Toxins – The Green Ooze

Antifreeze is a very deadly and it is a very common chemical around in the winter. Be sure to wipe down your pets paws, legs and belly to prevent ingestion if they walked through this compound. Be sure to use a pet-safe deicer for your driveways and walkways.

4. Make Some Noise!

A warm engine on a cold night will attract kitties and other critters to your car. Be sure to make noise around your vehicle before starting to scare anyone out from under the hood or tires!

5. Leave Pets at Home when Running Errands and Traveling

Many people are aware of how dangerous it is leaving a pet in a vehicle in the summer but it can be just as dangerous in the winter. Temperatures in the car can drop rapidly and if you are delayed for any reason this can be a very bad situation for your pet. So leave them home in their nice warm cozy beds while you are out and about.

Final Note for Outdoor Pets:

We do not recommend that pets be outside in cold weather but if there is no option for certain periods of time, be sure to give them warm shelter that is off the ground and plenty of fresh non-frozen water that is changed several times during the day.  But they must be brought into a more sturdy shelter for severe low temperature periods for their safety and comfort.

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