Releaves Dietary supplement.

Feather Picking & Chewing Relief from Releaves

Feather Picking & Chewing


Does your bird have issues picking and chewing?

If so please feel free to contact our hospital about our new product called Releaves.


Releaves is a non-synthetic, sustainable whole food dietary supplement that provides natural vitamins and precursors for all animals with suspected hormonal imbalances

Empirical results suggest Releaves may have application for:

  • Suspected hormonal imbalances in all animals
  • Chronic egg-laying in birds and reptiles
  • Other reproductive disorders in all animals
  • Feather picking behavior with a hormonal cause
  • Behavioral problems due to hormonal stress
  • Strengthening the uterus and restoring the female urogenital system
  • Ferret adrenal disease
  • Mammary gland tumors
  • Uterine tumors