Fear Free Treatments at Aspenwing Bird & Animal Hospital

Fear-Free Treatment / Pheromones

At Aspenwing we strive to provide a low-stress environment for all of our patients. For many animals going to the veterinarian is strange and scary, so we do our best to provide as much positive experiences as we can to improve their overall attitude about their visit. This can include tasty treats throughout their visit, friendly pats and scratches, and a calm and comforting atmosphere. In addition to these practices, we recently added a new tool to our repertoire to help lower the stress of the patients… pheromones!

Pheromones are chemical signals that are widely used in the animal world for communication. They differ from normal smells in their ability to directly signal the brain into producing specific physiological responses in the animal. Their responses to the pheromone are unlearned and unable to be conditioned. We have two products that contain pheromones: Feliway and Adaptil

Have you ever seen your cat rub its face on furniture at home? That releases a facial pheromone that is marking the cat’s territory as safe and secure. Feliway mimics the cat’s natural facial hormone, effectively reducing the stress of the cat and promoting feelings of comfort and security. By spraying towels and objects in the clinic prior to your cat’s arrival, we can help reduce your cat’s stress and promote feeling of comfort.

The pheromone in Adaptil has a very similar effect on dogs. It is meant to mimic the pheromone emitted by a mother dog at birth to make her puppies feel calm and secure. This makes Adaptil perfect for use in all sorts of scary situations including thunderstorms, fireworks, boarding, or long car rides.

We are excited to begin using these tools at Aspenwing to promote feelings of calmness and security from the moment your pet comes through the door!

Feel free to give Feliway and Adaptil a try at home as well. It comes as a small travel spray, collar, or plug-in diffuser for your home.

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